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Welcome to the
Muslim Center of Montgomery, Inc.

A dynamic community devoted to developing an Islamic life

About Our Masjid

The Muslim Center of Montgomery, Inc. prides itself on striving to be a leader towards all that is good. Championing the spirit of inter-faith dialogue, we welcome guests to join us, Muslims as well as non-Muslims. 



For info about when will activities and in-person events resume please contact us.

Prayer Hours

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Jumu'ah Prayer 

Jumu'ah is observed every Friday at 1:00 pm. Masks are required. Jumu'ah is also streamed via video. To access click here. 

Pay Zakat Online

Zakat is obligatory upon every adult Muslim of sound mind and means. Give your zakat today and empower those in need. 


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Live Stream Lectures

For the live Jumu'ah (Friday) lectures

click here. 


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Youth Islamic & Arabic Classes


are postponed until

further notice due to coronavirus outbreak.

Ta'leem Schedule


is held via telephone conference until

further notice due to coronavirus outbreak. Contact us for teleconference number and access code. 


Build a masjid for Allah - Donate to the Muslim Center of Montgomery, Inc's fundraiser to help show the City of Montgomery what true Islam is.

Click here to donate. 

Ancient Architecture

We Urgently Need to Raise $500,000 to Build A Masjid! 

The believers in Montgomery are aiming to build a Masjid and it is possible with your help, by the grace of Allah.


To reach our goal of $500,000.00 USD we are urgently seeking 1,667 believers to donate $300.00 each.


However, we value your support whether large or small. Please click on the link to support Inshallah.